Mobile Ordering App development is one of the best investments for your business growth in 2020. Technology is taking a severe turn every day, and if you want to keep growing, you need to adopt new trends. In the restaurant market, having a Mobile Ordering App is critical for every food business. More than 57% of consumers prefer a restaurant Mobile Ordering App and website to order food online.

If you have listed your restaurant on different food Mobile Ordering App, is it going to be enough? Do you still need a custom restaurant Mobile Ordering App? More than 70% of consumers like to order Mobile Ordering Appinstead of 3rd party apps as they want the food chains to make maximum profits.

Why restaurants are investing their marketing budgets in the development of Mobile Ordering Appfor Android and iOS and why these Apps are essential for business?

Even more important, we explored a more cost-effective alternative mobile ordering App that is already on your users phone and you can use to cut your costs to delivery companies.

We are going to discuss everything about the restaurant that you need to know.

Why your Restaurant needs a Mobile Ordering App?

The new pandemic situation has profoundly influenced the buying behaviour of the clients. People are afraid of going out, and authorities have also imposed lockdown in most of the states. Among all of this, having your food delivered right on your doorstep does not feel less than a blessing. For online ordering, your customers need a channel to place their orders. The days of telephone calls to place the order are gone. So, adding a mobile ordering app for your food business can offer a convenient platform to your clientele.

If you don’t have a state of the art custom mobile ordering app till now, here are top reasons to get one for your business right now:

COVID-Proof your Restaurant

In the hard times of pandemic, everyone is afraid of Coronavirus, and they have every right to be scared. If you want to grow your restaurant business during the pandemic, you need to make your marketing campaigns COVID-sensitive. Your target customers must have a sense of safety while ordering from your restaurant. Having a Mobile Ordering App allows them to order food right from their bedroom without visiting you physically.

Reduce Human Interaction

Coronavirus is contagious, and human touch is the biggest reason behind its spread. The traditional ordering system includes dealing with the waiter, going through the menu, and visiting the restaurant. With the mobile ordering app, all the human interaction is neutralized as the user can order food with the help of a custom food business app. From touching the menu to visiting the restaurant, Mobile Ordering Appsallow convenient food ordering with zero human interaction.

Reduce 3rd Party Commissions

Using Uber Eats and other food delivery apps may seem like an easy way to do things, but you do not consider the other side of this deal. When you use 3rd party food mobile ordering apps for your restaurant, you have to pay these food mobile ordering apps a high commission. Sometimes, you might have to pay up to 30% of the sale. 3rd party food mobile ordering apps earn big commissions from your sales, and you can easily cut these extra costs with custom Mobile Ordering App.

Personalized User Experience

Mobile Ordering Apps and websites are the digital faces of your business. The goal of adding new technologies to your business is to add flexibility to ordering food.  From adding a promotion section to offering welcome coupons to the new users, you can do all with the mobile ordering app.

Retain Clients

When you offer your customers one-click access to their favourite food, they will keep coming to your business. Smart solutions and adding new technologies for your business can boost client retention. This marketing strategy primarily works very well for food businesses, cafes, and restaurants.

Optimize Business Flow with Low Investment

Managing bulk orders and dealing with new orders require a considerable workforce. In normal conditions, a typical restaurant might have to hire 4-5 employees to take orders. Restaurant Mobile Ordering App development may seem a little bit expensive investment, but in reality, you are reducing the lifelong expense of 3-4 employees.

Types of Restaurant Mobile Ordering Apps

Whether you want to extend the order taking capabilities of your business or want to offer easy to use online menu for your customers, you need to choose the right Mobile Ordering App type. In most of the cases, a complete Mobile Ordering App for food business will have all the features that we are going to describe.

Restaurant Locator App

If you want to eat outside food but don’t know where to go, restaurant locator apps help the consumers to find the nearest restaurant and food cafes. You can use these apps to discover different eateries and food businesses around you. You can set different perimeters to discover the best restaurants near you.

Mobile ordering app

These mobile ordering apps may or may not be owned by the restaurant that is delivering food. Many private organizations, like Uber Eats and FoodPanda, offer these services. Any hotel or restaurant can also have its own mobile ordering app. You will place the order to have the food delivered at your doorstep.

Table Booking Apps

You can make reservations before visiting any restaurant. If you want to secure your table for a dining experience at any hotel, pre-booking the table is the right choice. Among the many restaurants that are listed on the app, you can choose your favourite restaurant to make the reservations.

Delivery Tracking Apps

The additional real-time tracking is one of the best things about mobile ordering apps. If the app has a real-time order status tracking feature, you can see your order’s actual position. From order placement to the location of the rider, you will get timely updates.

Promotional and Loyalty Programs Apps

Your loyal customers deserve discounts and additional perks. Many businesses have loyalty programs for old customers, where users earn points or stars with every purchase made through mobile apps. They can use these points to avail of extra services free of cost. These apps encourage customers to make more purchases.

Review Apps

These apps are generally owned by an independent organization with no connection with the restaurant. Review app for restaurant provides an easy to use the platform to the previous customers. Customers can leave reviews about food and feedback about restaurant services on these restaurant review apps.

Top Features of a Mobile ordering App

Whether you are operating a family-owned restaurant or running the biggest restaurant in the area, your mobile ordering app must have some distinct features. The custom requirements of every business can be different, but some specifications will always remain the same. Here are some top features of advanced Mobile Ordering App:

Push Notifications

Using push notifications the right way is critical. If done right, you can increase your sales. In case of poor strategic timing of push notifications, you can scare your users too. Push notifications should help the client in decision making without spamming.

Loyalty and Reward Programs

If you want to retain your old clients, you need to give them a reason to stay. People love discounts, and that’s what your Mobile Ordering App must do. Old and frequent users must be provided with effective discounts and coupon codes.

Location-based Services

If you are operating in a specific area where the local community has some favorite dishes and food items, your mobile Mobile Ordering App must offer those services.

Table Reservation

Even if your restaurant is not that big, some customers would like to reserve tables for a smooth experience. Adding the table reservation feature makes your business more professional for the client.

Staff Management

Apps are built to facilitate both customers and employees. Due to poor training and digital training of the teams, they find it hard to operate according to the Mobile Ordering App. Once staff management is good, it will definitely enhance the restaurant performance.

Restaurant Finder

New people may find it hard to locate the restaurants and the motels in the town. The smart Mobile Ordering App have the data of the market so the user can find the hotels and restaurants online.

In-app Purchases

People like add-ons, and if you can upsell your service, you can easily boost the revenue generation. Adding in-app purchase options will attract the customers to get more on their carts.

Rating and Reviews

No matter what you claim on your site or Mobile Ordering App, people would believe reviews and feedback by other people. Adding a review and feedback section in the mobile ordering app will give your audience a platform to express their experiences about the food and service.

Order Tracking

You are hungry, and the rider has already left the hotel with your order. If you want to enhance the user experience, then keeping your customer updated about the delivery of the order can be a good strategy.

What do Customers Expect from a Mobile ordering App?

Developing a perfect mobile ordering app is not hard if you have skilled developers on your side. Apart from basic features for the easy dealing with the clients, your Mobile Ordering App for restaurants should also ease things for the customers. The demographics of your clientele can be different. It is the possibility that most of the users might be from a non-technical background, and dealing with such complicated stuff may not be possible for them.

As you and your customers want to be on the same page, here are some important perks of a perfect restaurant mobile ordering app that customers want:

The mobile ordering app must be simple and easy-to-use

Adding too many options and features may seem like a good idea, but the reality is quite the opposite. Your targeted market is diverse, and people come to your restaurant from different backgrounds. Adding too many options will mix up things, and non-technical users may try to avoid using apps. If you don’t want to scare your customers, focus on keeping design and navigation simple and straightforward.

The mobile ordering app needs to be fast

The Mobile Ordering App and smart solutions are introduced as time-efficient resources. Users are always hurried, so they want a quick response from the app. slow loading speed or broken functionality of the app is some serious issue. Customers need fast, reliable, and fast restaurant mobile ordering apps.

Payment gateways must be secured

Privacy issues can easily scare your customers. If any Mobile Ordering App does not have payment gateways from trusted providers, users may be reluctant about entering their personal and financial details. Users want security and confidentiality of their data and information. A professional restaurant mobile ordering app must not have any kind of affiliation with the marketing companies that deal with user’s data.

Apps should have a rating section

People love to give and receive feedback. Adding a review and feedback section on the Mobile Ordering App will allow the previous users to share their experiences. If they talk positively about the restaurant, you can easily make new sales and conversion through the recommendations.

How Multinational Brands used Mobile Ordering Apps

There are many top international brands that used Mobile Ordering App to alter the way they used to treat their customers. Starbucks is an international business, and they also used the power of restaurant mobile ordering apps to double their sales. Their loyalty reward programs are highly lucrative to keep you bound with them for a long time.

Chipotle restaurant Mobile Ordering App has been one of the best performing hotel apps, where they acquired almost 6 million new customers. Today, Chipotle is doing business with more than 2,500 restaurants.

Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza brand in the world. They also have a Mobile Ordering App. They have reduced the costs and added more discounts for the customers, and it worked. They have been generating most of the business with the Mobile Ordering App solely.


The Mobile Ordering App for the restaurant is critical for business development and growth in 2020. Apart from the cost-saving and time-saving features of the mobile ordering apps, you can build customer relations to a whole new level with the Mobile Ordering App. From staying active 24/7 to responding to the users’ queries, a professional Mobile Ordering App for the restaurant is the best ever performance.

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